Over-Section Lighting

Our company specialized on food lighting products. After bringing to Turkey the widely known and used food lighting technics in Europe, Aline Lighting developed its own products and became one of the pilot corporations of Turkey in this area. It is the authorized seller of Swiss corporation Nafa Light in Turkey. Nafa Light became one of the pilot corporations in this sector by developing the first food lamp in 1962. With its long experience and reliable products, Nafa Light became a well-known corporation in the world.

The Advantages of Professional Food Lighting:
- True colours for natural look
- Filter options peculiar to sections for fresh look
- Strong lighting for attractiveness
- Homogeneous lighting for integrity
- Minimum IR for not to cause food spoilage
- Minimum temperature for not to cause food drying
- Minimum UV for long shelf-life
- More light, less temperature thanks to the developed design
- Optimum lighting usage through the project support
- Energy saving
- Long lifetime
- Less maintenance costs
- Warranted lighting with Aline assurance